Sand Dunes of the Gulf Coast

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Sand Dunes of the Gulf Coast

    The Sunshine State has about 1,800 miles of coastline and 1,100 miles of beach – more than any state in the union. Twenty-four miles of this sandy shoreline – some would say the best of the best – are right here at the Heart of Florida's Emerald Coast. The sand here has been described as "shockingly fine" and so clean that it squeaks underfoot. Sand dunes, which protect the coastline from storm winds and waves, are formed when waves carry sand to the beach, where the wind picks it up and blows it inland. Gradually, the sand piles up and plants such as sea oats begin to grow in it. The sea oats slowly cover the entire dune and protect it from erosion.

The Okaloosa County Environmental Council, a volunteer group of local citizens, organizes two beach cleanups each year. Since 1987, local E-Council citizens have organized more than 30,000 volunteers to remove 100 tons of debris from our beaches.

DO YOUR PART to keep our beaches clean. Leave Footprints, Not Stuff


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